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Reap the Benefits of Intel Xeon processor and SSD with TheServerHost Atlanta, Georgia VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

TheServerHost offering Cheap Cost Cloud based Atlanta, Georgia Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting enabling fastest processing with SSD and Intel Xeon Processor

SSD do not contain moving parts and therefore offer greater shockproofing against shock, heat and magnetic fields than hard disk drives. Furthermore, they require less power consumption and operate much quieter.

Reap the Benefits of Intel Xeon processor and SSD with TheServerHost Atlanta, Georgia VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

SSD storage uses semiconductor microchips mounted onto circuit boards. They utilize various memory technologies ranging from SLC NAND up to 3D NAND for storage purposes.


SSDs differ from hard disk drives (HDDs) by using nonvolatile solid state memory to store information. This technology provides faster data access, noiseless operation and higher reliability while using less power consumption than HDDs – ideal for Server that need fast storage solutions.

SSDs offer several distinct advantages over hard disk drives in terms of operating environments. As they don’t feature moving parts, SSDs are immune to shock, vibration, movement and contamination while offering lower temperatures than their HDD counterparts which require breather holes for proper ventilation.

As technology has advanced, SSDs have become more affordable and are an excellent option for server hosting. Not only are they fast and reliable; their compact size requires less power consumption compared to traditional HDDs – which make them perfect for demanding applications such as virtual servers that perform numerous I/O operations.

An SSD storage space is divided into blocks that hold data. There are five NAND memory technologies: SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC and 3D XPoint; each type offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 3D XPoint offers superior performance but is only available in large capacities of 1TB or greater.

Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3

Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3 quad-core processor designed specifically for server hosting provides high performance, flexible capacity and reliability while being equipped with the latest security features to protect data privacy and protect the processor’s advanced performance features, which include Hyper-Threading, Intel Virtualization Technology, and Intel Trusted Execution Technology. The base frequency for the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3 stands at 3.3GHz but can reach up to 3.7GHz when turbo charged allowing it to perform faster than a Core i5 processor.

Intel 22nm technology with 3D Tri-Gate transistors powers this processor. Featuring four cores and eight threads, it uses a LGA 1150 socket and boasts 8MB of L3 cache to support up to 64GB dual channel DDR3 memory support at up to 66 degC operating temperature.

This processor is compatible with many types of servers, including HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 V2. It features Intel AES-New Instructions which enhance performance when performing integer/matrix calculations or running other security algorithms. Furthermore, this Xeon E3-1230 v3 offers various advanced features which improve performance while decreasing power consumption.

Compare to an Intel i7s processor, this chip is more affordable while still delivering solid performance. Its main advantage lies in being able to utilize more memory and its higher clock speed as well as supporting Hyperthreading and I/O boost technologies. Therefore, this makes an excellent choice for gaming or home server use.

The Intel Xeon E3-1230 offers excellent value for your dollar. Suitable for various applications and compatible with most motherboards, this model makes a smart choice if you are building an economical PC. At less than $300 it offers excellent Intel performance at an extremely reasonable cost.

Intel Xeon E3-1260 V3

The Xeon E3-1260 V3 server CPU is an entry-level solution designed for businesses in search of high performance yet cost-effective computing power. Equipped with an Intel Xeon processor with multiple cores and support for hyperthreading to facilitate faster processing of complex workloads; as well as high-speed DDR4 memory with large capacities to enable quicker data access and processing speeds; while being energy efficient by consuming minimal power during its operations and thus lowering operational costs significantly.

Intel Xeon E3-1260 V3 features a base frequency of 2.4 GHz with a turbo boost clock of 3.3 GHz, as well as DDR3 dual-channel memory support and uses 32nm production process, featuring 4 cores, 8 threads, 8MB L3 cache. Based on Sandy Bridge architecture it also uses Socket 1155 form factor and supports PCIe 4.0×16 connections; its thermal design power (TDP) rating stands at 65 W and supports PCIe 4.0×16 connectivity.

Small size allows more transistors to fit on its chip, improving performance while decreasing power consumption. Furthermore, its larger L3 cache and support for more than two memory channels improve multi-threaded applications performance. Furthermore, this chip supports Hyper-Threading which doubles processor core count and thread count up to eight. Furthermore, Sandy Bridge platform boasts 32nm manufacturing process and 1,160 million transistors; multiplier locking restricts overclocking.

Intel has included advanced security features in its forthcoming Xeon i3 processors to protect against hacks and malware attacks, such as Intel Software Guard Extensions and Trusted Execution Technology which make it harder for hackers to steal information from servers. These safeguards are essential for enterprises that must safeguard critical assets and data.

Xeon E3-1260L v5 and v6 processors are ideal for servers and workstations running a wide range of workloads, including databases and web-based apps. Their fast performance, low energy consumption, and high-end graphics capabilities make them suitable for business environments. Compatible with most current motherboards as well as SAS and SATA hard disk drives; integrated graphics eliminate the need for additional GPUs in many situations.

TheServerHost Atlanta Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost provides various services to support client websites, including hardware monitoring and malware scanning. These features save clients both time and money that they can put towards expanding their products or services.

Your site receives high volumes of traffic? Their dedicated servers feature gigabit Ethernet connections – perfect for hosting such websites – while also featuring cPanel for clients to monitor performance and install speed-boosting software programs quickly and easily.

High Uptime Rates

TheServerHost’s high uptime rates ensure that client websites are available for visitors 24/7, increasing traffic and sales by keeping visitors happy. They utilize quality equipment, round-the-clock customer support and multiple backup systems to protect websites against data loss; clients may also take advantage of free consultation with TheServerHost’s tech team for expert advice or help on any hardware or software issues that arise.

TheServerHost VPS servers utilize hypervisor technology to partition physical servers into virtual compartments, giving clients more control of their hosting environment without incurring the costs associated with dedicated hosting solutions. They’re easy to manage with convenient cPanel and Plesk control panels for simple customization; plus they can handle heavy traffic volumes as well as DDoS attacks for protection – making them an excellent solution for businesses requiring more power than shared web hosting solutions can offer – at a budget-friendly price tag. Plans and packages exist that cover any budget needs!

Affordable Dedicated Servers

TheServerHost servers feature high performance hardware capable of supporting the load of multiple websites simultaneously, flexible bandwidth allowances, and are constructed from enterprise grade equipment. Furthermore, TheServerHost provides 24/7 security services, hardware maintenance and software upgrades – features which are invaluable to businesses that must protect both their own data as well as ensure the privacy and safety of their customers’ personal information..

If you’re hosting a large website, select a dedicated server with ample memory and processing power to enable faster loading times and enhance user experiences. In addition, dedicated servers make an ideal platform for eCommerce which will increase sales while simultaneously improving customer relationships.

TheServerHost offers several plans designed to meet the needs of business owners looking for Atlanta dedicated servers. Their user-friendly control panel provides multiple server configurations that meet those of your website, while affordable prices and risk-free trials make this hosting provider attractive to business owners looking for dedicated hosting.

Fully Managed Servers

Fully managed servers enable clients to save money by eliminating the cost of hiring their own IT staff, monitoring hardware and running various software programs that optimize performance – content management systems, eCommerce platforms and analytics programs can all boost search engine rankings while helping reduce downtime and enhance customer satisfaction rates.

Fully managed servers can help businesses minimize downtime, which is costly for online businesses. An extended website outage can result in revenue loss and damage the brand reputation; so choosing a hosting provider that boasts high uptime rates and provides 24/7 support, maintenance services and onsite backup is critical for success.

Atlanta VPS Servers

TheServerHost offers an expansive selection of servers suitable for accommodating various traffic levels and bandwidth allowances, as well as customized settings based on client needs. Their servers feature powerful enterprise grade hardware to guarantee optimal performance and reliability, with customizable server settings to suit individual client preferences. They also offer various software programs designed to optimize website functionality and security such as content management systems, ecommerce platforms and analytics programs – helping clients increase traffic and sales through superior customer experiences online.

Clients looking for an effortless hosting experience should consider TheServerHost managed Atlanta VPS hosting options, which allows their hosting provider to handle all aspects of server monitoring and maintenance, freeing them up to focus on more important business matters. It is an especially good solution for new users unfamiliar with running and maintaining a web server.

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